Icon creation

Icons become their own language. Their meaning must be intuitive and easy to understand. This is the icon library I designed for Cisco Collaborative Knowledge, a software product. It is based on the Cisco Atlantic collection.

They were designed with the same line weight, and a combination of rounded edges and square corners. The SVG files were then compiled into an icon font used on the site.

They were created in Illustrator as vector images, and saved as SVG and PNG files. The SVGs were used to create an icon font, that was used on the entire site, so that changing color and size was consistent and easy to program.

ck iocns

Icon color study

This shows our core icons in solid circles. This is a color study showing how they appear as Cisco Core colors, 508 Compliant Accessible colors, and colors specific to our product pallet.

circle icons

SimpleScan Icons

These icons were designed in Illustrator as vector images. They were used on the website and on marketing materials.

ss icons